Report Details Gen X Auto Buying Trends

The Gen X demographic, those of you who are 28-45 years old, is a fairly large buying market. Because of its buying power, the consumer trends of the demographic are widely followed. A recent report from suggests that the generation of car buyers prefers roomier vehicles.

Analysis of the recent vehicle buying habits of Gen X shows that the group tends to buy minivans and larger SUVs. The Nissan Quest, Nissan Armada, and the Volkswagen Routan seem to peak particular interest from the group. Keep in mind that this is a generation that is still transporting children around and have a need for a roomier vehicle. These preferences can be compared to another study that showed Gen Y (under 28 years old and generally 1 child or less) tended to buy smaller, more trendy fuel efficient cars.  This also true for those in their early 20’s, the bulk of the student car loan market.

The most glaring aspect of this study should be the shifting trends of each generation. Gen X was buying sports cars 10-20 years ago. Gen Y is moving into a period when many of its members will be needing room for a family. As the needs of the generation shifts, so will its buying habits. Makes you wonder which wheelchair will be most popular when Gen X hits its 60s and beyond?