New Kia Forte: It’s Coming…

Kia is teasing Americans with released images of its yet to be released Kia Forte sedan. And, assuming the pictures are accurate, the Forte will be one sexy, sleek sedan, a real triple “S” threat.

2013 Forte Styling

If you have been looking at Kia vehicles but found the Optima and Sportage to be a bit too sharp and edgy for your taste, the Forte just might be exactly for what you have been waiting. Though the Forte possesses many of the same stylings of the other two, its lines are simpler, more rounded, and, (Dare I say it?), friendlier.

The South Korean automaker will start selling the Forte in its home market early next year. It is thought that it will be offered in America around the same time.  Given its potent blend of affordability and reliability, the new Forte will be an ideal new car for anyone who is worried about getting approved for a car loan due to credit or income issues.