Leave Money In Your Pocket With These Hatchbacks And Wagons

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Hatchbacks and station wagons have offered versatility to college students for decades. Today’s models also offer a low sticker price and decent fuel efficiency. Edmunds.com has compiled its list of the ten least expensive models to own in 2011.

The five least expensive models to own, based on base MSRP sticker are:

  • Hyundai Accent at $9,985
  • Chevrolet Aveo at $12, 115
  • Smart Fortwo at $12,490
  • Toyota Yaris at $12,855
  • Kia Soul at $13,300

Just as a caution, keep in mind that these are base prices and you will have to pay a little more to get the options that you want. This list also does not include after purchase expenses like insurance and maintenance costs.

Rounding out the top ten are the:

  • Nissan Versa at $13,910
  • Mazda 2 at $14,180
  • Nissan Cube at $14,310
  • Scion xD at $15,045
  • Kia Rio at $15,095

These cars offer a low MSRP combined with respectable fuel economy. Several of them offer great warranties as well. Even after factoring in insurance premiums, you should be able to afford any of these ten vehicles no matter how tight your budget or how small your student car loan.