“I Want My Tuition Back!”

…so says a third-year law student at Boston College. Well, not in those words exactly, but the student did write an open letter to the dean which was published in the school’s online paper.  As the student stated:

“We are discouraged, scared, and in many cases, feeling rather hopeless about our chances of ever getting to practice law…”

He proposes to the dean that he will drop out of school without his degree if he can get his tuition back. The job market for new law school graduates has surely been bleak in recent years, with a job market saturated by laid-off attorneys with 1-3 years of experience who are willing to work for first-year associate salaries.

The kind of feeling expressed by this BC law student may not be typical of grad school students across the nation, but surely he is not alone. Remember this if you tempted to spend more on student auto loans than you can really afford. Spending the least amount of $ possible is the smart play these days.