Georgia Students Losing HOPE?

Students and parents across the Peach State are nervous about the future of the HOPE scholarship.  Financed by the state’s lottery system, the HOPE program promised to pay nearly the full tuition rate for any college in the state university system if a high school student could maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Unfortunately, lawmakers are now saying that the lottery system is no longer able to sustain the costs of the program, especially with so many young Georgians opting to stay in-state for their college education.  Cutbacks could amount to a 10% slash in tuition payments, as well as significant decreases in areas such as textbook payments.

This could be a problem not only for prospective college students, but also for current students, particularly those already shouldering debts from student car loans or credit cards.  Most of these students have not made room in their personal finances to accommodate such a significant decrease in scholarships and funding.