Award Given For First-Time Car Buying Video

Car Loans Galore, an internet company that arranges auto loans, recently received an award from a student group for its educational video on first time auto buying.

The video produced by the company focuses on the auto buying process. It covers the new vs. used debate, buying from an individual, how to inspect a car before buying, a buyer’s legal rights, and how to obtain the best student car loans available. A company spokesman said, ”We are very appreciative of the honor that the student group has bestowed upon us, and we will be continuing to show the video, and even producing more videos on the topic, so that our future consumers go into the market knowing full well what is available to them and what pitfalls to avoid.”

First time car buyers are often taken advantage of. Videos like this will help a young person avoid predatory dealers and lenders, which should help them establish positive credit from their first car on.